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Mountain Rwenzori National Park is located in southwestern Uganda and shared by Uganda and DR Congo. Rwenzori is one of the highest mountains in east Africa and Africa, Rwenzori derives its name from the local name Enjura meaning rain, the locals always saw mountain as the source of rain hence the name Rwenzori. The Rwenzori Mountain which highest up to 5109m OR 16762 feet above the sea level. This mountain is sometimes called the mountain of the “moon” because it’s thought to be the source of river Nile the world longest river, its peak is always snow caped and the melting snow sometimes feed the tributaries of river Nile.

The highest mountain Rwenzori peak is permanently snow caped. Margherta peak on Mount Stanley is the highest point in the range. the mountain was formed about 3 million years ago under in extremely humid area frequently involved with clouds and also the mountain ranges are source of many rivers that flow down to Kasese, bundibugyo and Kabarore districts, the Bakonjo and Bamba live in the lower ranges of the mountain on both Uganda and DR Congo sides. Mountain Rwenzori national park was gazette as national park in 1991 and both id the heritage site and Ramsar site. The park hosts over 18 species of mammals, 9 species of reptiles, 219 species of birds and 6 species of amphibians.

The mountain attracts tourists who come for mountain climbing as well as sewing animals that live in the lower slopes of mountain Rwenzori like elephants, giant forest hogs, buffaloes, bushbucks, primate watching and the three horned chameleon that is mostly seen here. The combination of spectacular snowcapped peaks, glaciers, vp shaped valley, clear blue lakes, fast flowing rivers and magnificent waterfalls contribute to areas expressional natural beauty b. the region glaciers, blue lakes, waterfalls ad lakes make it one of the Africa’s most beautiful alkaline areas.

Activities in Mountain Rwenzori National Park

Trekking and peak climbing in mountain Rwenzori national park

Trekking in rwenzori is done using two different routes that visitors may prefer, you can trek using the central circuit which takes 7 days and 5-day trek using Kilembe route to the southern part of Rwenzori national park.

peak climbing is the most enjoyable and favorable were the visitors uses the central circuit where you will trek one camp to another from example from Nyabitaba camp at 2650m on day one john matte camp at 3380m on day two and keep on trekking and hiking day by day until you reach the highest point margherta camp.

Nature walks and birding in Mountain Rwenzori National Park

The nature walks in the lower ranges of mountain Rwenzori are organized and they give the impressive and beautiful sceneries of the mountain. While on your nature you will take chance to enjoy birding and primate watching. There are also amazing visits to the fast-flowing rivers and their waterfalls.

Community visit on lower ranges of Mount Rwenzori

In the lower ranges of Mountain Rwenzori National Park, you can take visit to the community like Rubona community where you will be taken through the Bakonjo culture learning on how they live in the slopes of the mountain.

How to get to Mountain Rwenzori national park

The easiest way to excess rwenzori mountain national park is taking flight from Entebbe international airport or kajjansi airstrip to Nyakansanga airstrip in kasese and from there you can be picked by your drive guide to transport you to the starting point the flight takes about 45 minutes. Or you go by road and take Kampala – mubende – fort portal kasese road which takes about 56-7 hours driver covering 398kmsq giving you the great views of adventures along the way.