Visit Kanungu District (discovering the hidden gems)

Kanungu district is located in south western Uganda in kigezi sub region bordering Kabale, Rubanda, Kisoro in the south, DRC Congo in the west, Rukungiri district in the east. The district is famously known globally because of its larger number of world’s endangered species mountain gorillas in the big forest of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and the ancient pygmies (Batwa). Kanungu is among best tourism destination in Uganda because of many tourists attractions (sites), starting from mountain gorillas, the Batwa community, kibwetere dark faith, kisizi falls, ishasha climbing lions of queen Elizabeth national park, welcoming bakiga culture, tea plantations, hiking to Kanungu hills, presence of many water falls in Bwindi, forest walk and many others. Your trip to Kanungu and kigezi sub region will reward you with the unforgettable and ultimate memories of life time

The following are the attractions sites in Kanungu;

Gorilla tracking in Bwindi

On your safari to Uganda and mostly especially kanungu you will visit bwindi impenetrable forest national park the word’s natural heritage site and one of the richest biological and botanical regions in the world. The forest covers a total land area of 331 km2 at the south western edge of the western arm rift valley. Bwindi is most rewarded area with mountain gorillas that is the endangered special of approximately 400 mountain gorillas a half of the world’s population. Here you have high chances of meeting with gentle apes and interacting silverback in close range.

Batwa community visit

You will go for the community encounter to the batwa communities where you will get a chance to interact with batwa pygmies that are found on the edges of bwindi forest in Buhoma sector. The Batwa are known as the shortest people in the world. You will learn more about batwa and their old life style, culture dances performances and songs. Originally batwa lived in the forest bwindi before they were relocated outside the forest on the edges of bwindi for gorilla habituation. They survived as hunters and food gatherers and entirely depended on the forest

Queen Elizabeth national park (ishasha sector)

Kanungu shares the part of Queen Elizabeth national park and that is ishasha sector. You can also visit other parts of Queen Elizabeth national park via ishasha sector doing game drive in this sector having high chances of sighting tree climbing lions that commonly seen in this area and then drive about 40km from ishasha to Mweya and Kazinga channel for wildlife viewing, boat cruise experience, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching, crater drives and community interactions

Dark tourism/kibwetere faith site

On your trip to Kanungu you will have chances of visit the site of kibwetere who killed his followers after confuysing to them that the world was coming to the end in the year 2000 and God was coming on earth. When it failed to come to pass he burnt over 1000 members who were his followers to ash at his church. Currently this one of the historical sites which attracts number of tourists to kanungu

The historical kisizi falls

This falls are found in rukungiri district which borders Kabale the Switzerland o Uganda found south western corner of Uganda, falls lie on Kyabamba River a few meters from kisizi hospital. These falls are about 27metres high dropping water into gorge continuing the flow of the river. Visitors to the kisizi falls are met by mist from fall while your kanungu and Uganda safari

According to the older people living around this area, the falls are believed to have contributed to the good morals of the UN married bakiga girls in the area and some from far. When girls got pregnant, the father and brother would escort her to the top of the falls off the cliff where she would meet her death. This was done to scare off other girls from engaging in premarital sex that would lead to pregnancy hence ensuring girls stayed virgins until marriage

But currently this habit was discontinued and it’s no longer being practiced because a girl pulled his brother and the father leading all to the death and they realized all girls would  do that and the practice was stopped

Visit tea plantations

Your safari to Kanungu you can take time visit the community to have an insight on many tea plantations and tea factories where most peplum in kanungu survives from.  The major economic activity in kanungu is farming with 73% engaged in substience farming.

Community visit to bakiga families

You will take a chance to visit the Bakinga families or groups like the Kameme women and children heritage group and ride4women that where started with the aim of improving the social living of the bakiga families and communities in kanungu. You will learn their cultural, enjoy their traditional dances and also interact with old people around. Book your safari with us or join us on the aim of promoting tourism in kanungu and improving the communities like constructing school hospitals, helping orphans and needy people