Semuliki National Park

Semuliki National Park is located across the floor of the semiliki valley on the western side of Rwenzori. It is is dominated by the extension of ituri forest. People living in the ituri forest and semliki are the bamba and batwa pygmies. Semiliki forest reserve was created in 1932 and upgraded to national park status in 1993 and is protected by Uganda wild life authority.

Activities in Semuliki National Park include birding, hiking, game drives, hot springs. Cultural encounters and trails. Examples of birds in SNP include red billed Dwarf horn bill, yellow throated Nicator, great blue and Rossisturaco. Birders find it so easy to view different birds because SNP is a good site for birds. The shoe bill stork is regularly seen at close qurters on l. albert and forest walks therefore help to tyrack water birds.

Hiking is through using the kirumaia trial that runs through the heart of the forest to Semiliki River. Walking through the forest to the male hot spring will give the tourist an opportunity to spot different animals for example black and white colobus monkeys, grey cheeked mangabeys and red tailed monkeys. 30 minute walk will lead the tourist to the female hot spring that is dominated by a boiling geyser.

A game drive through the park gives the tourist a chance of spotting wild animals like buffaloes, warthogs, crocodiles and Uganda kob. People of semliki were originally hunters and fruit gatherers and also survived on fruits and honey. They are believed to have been using local herbs to cure different diseases.
A tourist visiting the park is given an opportunity to interact with the local community through storytelling and engaging in home activities like cooking a traditional meal.

Semuliki National Park can be accessed from kampala through mubende- fortportal road for 180 kmsq. Headquarters of the park are at sempaya, visitors can visit the park at any time of the year.