Rwenzori Mountains National Park

Rwenzori mountain national park is known as Africa’s tallest mountain with different peaks. It is remembered and as well commonly known that around 150 AD; alexandrine photography Ptolemy wrote of a snow capped mountain range deep in the heart of African which he claimed was the source of the world’s longest river Nile. Rwenzori is also known as the “mountains of the moon “. It reaches an elevation of 5109 m thus Africa’s tallest mountain range exceeded in altitude Kilimanjaro admit. Kenya carrying 3rd, 4th and 5th highest peaks. The park hosts a variety of mammals and these in habits the lower slopes but the mountain is known for its strategic location and the beautiful scenery hence giving chance to ost tourists to visit the mountain, the slopes of the mountain are fertile with the black soils and the people living on the slopes have found it ideal for growing both food and cash crops.

Rwenzori was gazetted as a park in 1991 and is both a heritage site and RAMSAR site.
Attractions in the park include; blue cirque lakes, snow clad peaks, hot springs, water falls, and pristine and spectacular land scape. The park also boasts of hosting 18 species of mammals, 9 species of reptiles, 217 species of birds and 6 species of amphibians, elephants, giant forest hogs, buffaloes, bush bucks are also present in the park though rarely seen. The Park is also unique in a way that it has 18 sacred sites that have been identified, mapped and considered as worshipping sites.

Activities include; trekking, nature walks and peak climbing. Trekking the Rwenzori is done using 2 routers that is visitors may decide to trek the mountains using the central tourism circuit which takes 7 days and 5 day trek using kidembe rout to the southern part of the park. Nature walks are also arranged and these give the tourist a chance to view the beautiful scenery of the Rwenzori. Peak climbing is the most favourable and enjoyable especially when the visitors uses the Rwenzori central circuit Yreka whereby he will trek from one camp to another for example from Nyabitaba camp at 2650m, on day one, john matte camp at 3380 m.

On day 3, Elena camp at 3977m on day 4, kitandara lakes camp at 4027m on day 5, and day 6 at Guy yeoman at 3450 m. rwenzori highest peak is margherta and also has small mountains like mt. baker and mt.spke. The park can be accessed through both air transport and road transport. Tourist using road transport from Kampala will board and go via mityana, kyegegwa, mubende and connect to kabarole then to kasese district air travel can be arranged from Entebbe international airport/ kajjansi. People of rwenzori are called bakonjo and they own a kingdom popukary known as Rwenzori and the little given to their king is omusinga.