One day Kampala city tour

Meet our tour guide/driver before embarking on the journey to
Gaddafi Mosque.
Carry with you lunch. Arrive at Gaddafi mosque; each tourist will be provided with information about the Islamic religion especially the number of times a Muslim should pray.
After the visit to Gaddafi mosque proceed to Kasubi royal tombs which is known as the burial grounds for the Bugandas’ royal kings.
Here each tourist(s) will be provided with information about the culture of Buganda especially how the Baganda dress on each occasion for example kanzu which is a traditional wear for baganda elders (men) and Gomesi for women.
From the kisubi tombs proceed to the Uganda museum where articles of importance and country‘s rich history are stored. Expect to participate in hand craft making where items like mats, baskets, bags are woven by women at the museum. Continue and visit Uganda world life education center (UWEC) at Entebbe.
Enroute stop at bulange Buganda parliament.

Carry on to the zoo expect to see lots of animals for example rhinos, giraffes, lions, leopards and bird species like the shoe bill stork and crested crane. Take a break and have lunch at the zoo. At 2:00pm drive from the zoo and proceed to namugongo martyrs shrine. This is where the Uganda martyrs were burnt to ashes by the kabaka mwanga of Buganda for refusal of denying their religious faith. Here you will be provided with the information about the site and take a walk around the site where each tourist will be able to see different portraits and drawings. Tourists are advised to carry with them extra money to buy souvenirs and other items like rosaries. Return to kpc at 5pm in the evening.