One Day Jinja City Tour Experience

On our one day jinja city tour we made our first stopover to sezibwa falls in lugazi buikwe districts. The story behind sezibwa falls gives an enjoyable experience behind the Buganda culture while telling you the story about falls with authentic photo shots you take as you take tour falls with the residents guides will give you the life time memories you will tell your grand children of the sights and sounds of the falls

Then you will continue to the jinja city welcomed by the new bridge that is very unique in east Africa and the one of the best bridges in Africa Still on your one day to jinja city trip visiting the source of Nile gives the ultimate experience where you find the sculpture of matah maganda that ordered that his ashes should be buried at the source of the longest river in the world and which the Nile river, it will give you the life time memory for visiting the source of Nile that is the dream for every tourist that comes to Uganda

There is no other country in Africa like Uganda the pearl of Africa in (1908) in his book my Africa journey “sir wiston Churchill wrote” “From magnificence, for the variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life, bird, insects, reptiles, for the vast scale- Uganda is truly the pearl of Africa”

From its source Lake Victoria, the river Nile crosses the rift valley to give Uganda dazzling range of unique habitant Plan travel with lets go gorilla on your one day trip to jinja city