Nyungwe Forest National Park

The park is in the south western Rwanda with diverse ecosystem, flora and fauna and also a home to a number of primate species that include L’hoest monkeys, golden, colobus monkeys, velvet, red tailed monkeys and baboons. A tourist to the national park gets high chance of staying with the chimps especially from the time they get out of their nests to start the day through movement by feeding on the camp fruits, how they defend themselves from enemies, how they communicate with the other individuals in a distance and up to the time as they go back to their nests as they conclude the day.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is located outside the city with no congestion which thus makes it a good location for the visitors. Visitors are able to spot chimpanzees as well as the monkeys. It is also a montanne forest south of Rwanda. It also has the Rwenzoricolobus, 300 species of birds, orchids and butterflies. Activities in the park include primate tracking, nature tours and visit to murambi to genocide memorial site, visiting the national museum at butare.

A cultural encounter is where local people connect with the tourists and share different ideas and participate in activities like dance and drama, cooking, storytelling. In the communities around nyungwe national park, they get to display their artifacts to the visitors in their region and earn themselves income.
Tourists get to know the rich history of Rwanda from the local heads that give the visitors lessons and briefing about the country as well.

Nyungwe forest national park can be visited at any time of the year. Nature walks are also conducted and through this visitors are able to see a variety of flora and fauna. Murambi genocide memorial site is also a place where a visitor can be able to be provided information about the country. Tourist will be given to information about the mass killings of people of Rwanda especially fighting against each other that is the Bahutu and Batusi. Nyungwe forest National Park can be accessed from Rwanda by public means