Mountain gorillas in Uganda

The mountain gorilla is one of the two sub species of the eastern gorilla. It is listed as endangered by the IUCN as of 2018. Mountains gorillas are found in bwindi are UNESCO natural world’s heritage site and one of the richest biological and botanical regions in the worlds. The forest covers an average area of 331 km2 at the south western edge of the rift valley. Bwindi most revered species are the apprommoximately 400 mountain gorillas half of the total word’s population. The scientific name gorilla Geringei beringie and its life span is 40 years

Mountain gorillas have longer hair and shorter arms than grater gorillas and both tend to be a bit larger than other species. They live in families, groups with dominant silver back male, several families and their offspring’s although sometimes. Other usually related, silverback also tolerated.

Silver back makes will defending their families through charging   and chest beating. They mostly move on four limbs but are also capable of running with two legs


In Uganda you can see gorillas in two different national park that is bwindi impenetrable national park and maghinga forest national park in districts of kabale, kanugu and kisoro in south western. The districts boarders with DRC Congo in the west. Gorillas can be trekked in different sectors of buhoma, ruhinja, rushanga, Nkuringo and mughinga.

Gorillas live in families in bwindi forest national park and mughinga national but in different sectors and numbers in each family. We have over 20 gorilla family habbuated in bwindi that are ready for gorilla trekking.

  • Mucunguzi family :with 8members located in rushanga sector and the family is mostly female
  • Bakyingi gorilla family: this family has 21 members
  • Rwigi family. These is the newly allocated family after its habituation with 6 members
  • Kahungye family: gorilla group has 17 members with 3 silverback
  • Busingye family :it has 9 members located in rushanga sector
  • Bweza family: this group was formed after the breakaway of shongi and it has 6 members
  • Mubare gorilla family: the habituated gorilla family in bwind buhoma sector i9n 1992
  • Habinyanja family: it is locat5ed in buhoma with 18 members including two silverback and it was habituated in 1997
  • Rushengura gorilla family: rushengura gorilla family is located in buhoma sector with 19 members and one silverback and it was allocated in 2002
  • Katwe gorilla family: it is located in buhoma with with 2 blackbucks and one silverback
  • Nkuringo gorilla family it is located in nkuringo part with 19 members
  • Bushasho gorilla family: it has 8 members  with one silverback and  located in nkuringo
  • Christmas gorilla family: the group has 9 members and it is the newly allocated group in nkuringo
  • Bitukura gorilla family: it has `14 members with 4 silver backs
  • Oruzongo gorilla family: it is located in ruhinja with 23 members and 1 silverback
  • Kyagiuriro family : it has 20 members and its located in ruhinja and it was introduced in 1995
  • Kyaguriro gorilla family: its located in ruhija with 20 members
  • Mukiza gorilla family: the family has 10 members and it’s located in ruhinja.

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Bwindi and mughinga are forest national parks located in the tropical rain forest and they receive a lot of rainfall yearly compared to other areas in Uganda

For the best gorilla safari should be in June to august and then December to February  when the rain is little or no rain  and other month their chances of high rain fall  and the forest may be slippery because of mountains and hills in the forest

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