Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga gorilla national park is located extreme south west corner of Uganda that boarders the democratic republic of Congo and Rwanda. It is also part of the large ecosystem that is the virunga conservation area and covers an area of 434 sqkm with an altitude of between 2,227 m and 4127 m. The national park was formed to protect the rare mount ain gorillas and of which 3000 gorillas live in the park. Other animals found in the park include golden monkeys.

The park derives its name Gahinga from Kinyarwanda which means a pile of volcanic lavasyone heaps around which cultivation is carried out. The cultural heritage trial in mgahinga gorilla national park covers north slopes of the three northern viringa volcanoes egmuhavura, gahinga and sabinyo. Sabinyo means the old man’s teeth. This boarders to the south by Rwanda and o the west is DRC congo.

The slopes of mgahuinga are so fertile with black soils and are therefore good for agriculture. Activities in mgahinga gorilla national park include birding, gorilla tracking, hiking, nature walks, mountain climbing and cultural encounters. The rwenzori fulcois one of the birds, visitors can see on a birding trip to the park. Gorilla tracking is also done in a way that a guide leads you all the away and a tourist is also able to study about the behaviour of gorillas. Tracking the gorillas starts from the gate at ntebeko and last for 2- 4 hours.

Hiking is done at the foot hills of virunga volcanoes and this gives a chance to tourists to view the lakes surrounding and agricultural villages. They are also given the opportunity to see different bird species at the rugezi swamp. The tourist also gets the opportunity to visit the local community especially for the batwa. Mgahinga is known to have been home to the batwa a and they are believe to be hunters and they therefore survived and lived in the forest and used local herbs for medicines.

Mgahingagorilla national park can be accessed either by air travel or road transport from Kampala, tourists can travel 510kmsq through kabala and kisoro taking 8 hours to arrive in the park. Air travel to mgahinga gorilla national park can be arranged from Entebbe international airport to kisoro air field.