Uganda Birding Safaris

Uganda is the leading number birding destination in Africa counting the 50% of Africa’s bird count and 11% of the world total count with approximately of over 1062 species of birds some of which are resident species and others are migratory from different continents and countries among which is the elusive shoebill stork and prestigious Uganda crane, flamingo birds, hornbills, ostriches among others.

birding Safaris
Uganda birding Safaris

Uganda birding safari in Uganda rewards you with the chance to almost introduce to you all the species in the country that reside from different parts of the country from savanna parks, forests, swamps and community conservation projects like sanctuaries and we will see you visit queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi forest national park, semuliki valley national park, Bundongo forest, Murchison falls national park, Mabamba birding swamp, Bigodi swamp, kibale forest among others.