Lesser flamingos

Lesser flamingos a scientifically referred to as phoeniconaias minor. The lesser flamingos are among the unique bird species explored by birders on a safari to Uganda. Noted to be species of flamingos thriving in sub Saharan Africa and some parts of India, the lesser flamingos are the only species in the phoeniconaias genus. The lesser flamingos are recorded as the smallest of all flamingos’ species though by most standards, it is large and tall birds as viewed on Uganda birding safari

Its weight stretches from 1.2 to 2.7kg while the height is between  80 to 90cm  and the body length from the beak to the tail is 90 to 105 cm which similar to that of the wingspan. The plumage of the lesser flamingo is pinkish white it’s majorly feeds on red algae that in alkaline lakes just like it’s on Uganda tour destination lakes. On breeding, the lesser flamingos build the mud nest stretches’ to 30cm to prevent flooding and ensuring cool temperature.

Each bird lays single egg which is incubated by both parents in shifts of 24 hours for period of twenty eight days (28). Following the hatching, the chick which is grey in color consumes its shell which is feed on liquid soup by parents for few months


These birders are migratory species arriving to Lake Munyanyage in October and departing in APIRL in katwe kabatoro town council or sanctuary located in the heart of Queen Elizabeth national park. Lake Munyanyange is an explosion seasonal shallow

Crater and salty lake with alkine soils that contains red algae where flamingos come to feed on. It is believed that lesser flamingos leave Lake Nakuru in Kenya because of dry season and they come to Lake Munyanyange during rainy season.

While on your birding safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park you can also see lesser flamingos on lake nyamunuka, lake bagusu, katwe salt lake and kasenyi salt lake alongside other different bird species in queen Elizabeth national park being the habitant with many number of bird species over (600 species) are recorded in queen both resident and migrants which makes queen Elizabeth national park number one birding paradise in east Africa and second in Africa

While on your Uganda birding safari, you will be to see lesser flamingos during their season. These birds can also be seen in large numbers on your safari to Kenya on Lake Nakuru and also in Tanzania.

While on their stay on Lake Munyanyange. These birds settle in the middle of the lake and its safe of them because at one stage in the year it turns muddy and that makes it difficult for wild animals to make it through the mud and prey on them

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