Kibale forest national park

The park is located in western Uganda in a sq km of 795 and a home of the 13 primate species that include chimpanzees, grey cheeked mangabeys, l. hoest monkeys, black and red tailed monkeys, among others. The major attraction is KNP is the chimpanzee, man’s closet relative that can be seen on tree branches.
The park boasts of over 300 bird species, with 180 km long migration corridor for wildlife that also habits a variety of mammals like buffaloes, giant forest hogs, forest elephants.

Kibale forest national park is situated in the heart of tooro kingdom which thus makes it more favourable and easy to be visited by most tourists on a trip to Uganda. The park has a lot and different activities ranging from chimpanzee tracking (primate walk) & habitation, nature walks, cultural heritage & nature trail, birding and children activities.

Chimpanzee habitation experience includes starting the day in the forest with chimps as they wake up from their nests following the chimpanzees is unforgettable experience. Chimps start the day with breakfast by feeding on the chimp’s fruits, banging the buttress roots as a sign of communication with others at a distance.
Tourists will also get a chance of identifying other animals for example the elephants and monkeys during the habitation experience.

Chimpanzee habitation ends with the chimps’ gang back to their nests for a rest. Chimpanzee tracking is in two that is from 8 am and other group can track the chimps in the afternoon starting at 2pm and the activity lasts for 2-3 hours. Here, the tourist will learn about the history of the forest, learn about the tree species in the park.

Day hikes start from kanyanchu tourism centre and visitors get a chance of viewing the naked Adam and Eve tree, a kibale unique wonder. Children activities I n the park are those above 12 years of age and are also permitted to enter the forest in 2 hours which includes cyanotype photography and batik making. They also learn about the ecosystem of the area and its inhabitants.

The park boasts of 372 bird species that can be viewed by most tourists interested in birding for example; rwenzorituraco, night nature walks help the visitor to view the Nocturnals like bats, owls, bush babies &pottos, eastern needle nailed, civets and genet cats.
Cultural and heritage trail is through a 2 – 6 day trail through the tropical forest, meet the local people and interact with them.

The park can be accessed either by air or road transport from kampala along mityana, mubende route to fortportal before connecting to the park headquarters at isunga. A bus can also be boarded via mbarara- kamwenge to kibale forest national park.