Kampala City Tour in Uganda

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda located in the central Uganda and Buganda region. Kampala is located 40km from Entebbe international airport and it can take 80 minutes from Entebbe using the old route and 60 minutes using express route to the city center

Kampala was formed by Captain Fredrick lugard as the head quarters of the imperial British east African company in 1890. Kampala is estimated to have over 10 million people from all over the world even outside Africans like Americans, Asians, Arabs and other African countries

The most language used in Kampala is Luganda because is found in Buganda region where most speak luganda to make to easy to interact with every and customer care for business community and English is official and also used by those that can’t pick Luganda with Kiswahili for those can’t speak both luganda English for easing the communication mostly business people in order to increasing bargaining power on prices

Kampala will give you the authentic experience on your trip to Uganda with most welcoming people that will be happy to you see touring the cit. Kampala has a lot of tourism destination(attractions) according to your interest you will decided where you want to visit

You can have tour in Kampala by using two different means from destination to another may be

  1. Kampala city walk: some tourist have visited tourists attraction in Kampala by walking from one destination to another  which gives them good impression of the city
  2. City drive: you can also have tour of Kampala by driving from one destination to another but with a lot of traffic jams mostly during morning and evening hours.

We have attractions of religions like namugogo martyrs shrine, namirembe cathedral, gadaffi mosque, Bahia temple, and many others. Over two millions pilgrims from different parts of the world converge to celebrate the martyrs day for the people that died of Christianity in Buganda that where killed by Kakaba mwanga. It gives the beliefs of Christianity much power and life time moments because some people from east Africa walk from their homes up to namugogo shrines

Then we have the Bahia temple located on the hills of Kampala kawempe division, it is the first temple to be constructed in Uganda of the temple religion, many tourists both from outside Africa and Africans have visited the temple. Then you can also visit the Gadaffi mosque of the best mosque we have in east Africa and Africa, it gives the clear of view of Kampala city and the life time experience. It was constructed and supported by the late con GADAFI the former president of Libya and then cros to namirembe cathedral the first cathedral to be constructed in Uganda for Protestants

Then if you’re interested in the cultural tour we shall visit the Buganda cultural since Kampala is found in Buganda region. There is the interesting culture experience in Buganda that will make you tour enjoyable before going for other activities

Your cultural tour will start with visiting of the bulenga mengo where there is the visitation office for Buganda and the parliament of Buganda and then you will be allowed to continue to other cultural sites like kasubi tombs where all Buganda kings barred (amasiro) then cross to lubiri where there is a lot o Buganda cultural items, schools both primary and secondary. On your tour to lubiri you will find the AMIN toucher chamber and see how AMIN killed people and visit the museums of Buganda kingdom and then finally cross to the kabaka’s lake just behind the lubiri and then guide will give you a lot about the lake in the history of Buganda.

Business tourist will visit the traditional markets of Buganda that a lot of population and most welcoming people where you will have tour to the OWINO (st balikundembe) it’s commonly known for selling second hand items like clothes and fresh food at cheap prices in Uganda most traders from other towns around Uganda gather here every day to buy items at cheap prices and then after cross to nakassero market for fresh foods

You can also visit the Uganda museums that will give you the impression of the past Uganda and the current one. You will see the cultural collections of all cultures in Uganda and it is one of the best museums in Africa. A tour to Uganda museums will give you the different categories of Ugandan history like natural history of Uganda, archeology and stone age sites in Uganda, musicology etc . It will take you time to tour the all museums and learning about Uganda and you will also be able to know the history of Uganda museums from its old locations to its current location near Uganda wildlife authority offices

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