Kameeme women & children cultural heritage group

Let’s go gorilla it’s fully registered a travel and tour company which operates with the entire African countries like Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Congo, Tanzania, Zanzibar etc. it provides safe tour with its tourists around Africa. Let’s go gorilla Uganda started up a Kameeme women and children cultural heritage group, aimed at bringing talent to life.

The cultural heritage is a legacy of physical artifacts and intangible attributes of af the group or society that is inherited from past generations.


  • The cultural heritage group is aimed at helping children who were not able to attend school or even those in school to build their talent in dancing and craft making
  • Aimed at also helping women that had dreams of dancing or craft making but could not afford taking it on
  • It’s also aimed at building schools in rural areas to educate children that cannot afford education.
  • The heritage is aimed at building hospitals in rural areas to help the sick and those that cannot afford or make the medical services easily accessible


Shaping the future by preserving our heritage, discovering new knowledge, educating, sharing our resources and work of our hands and bringing medical services close to the rural areas around Africa.


Let’s go gorillas heritage group is aimed at developing, skilling and giving knowledge to the children and women. This is going to be through teaching the children and women how to hand make hand craft, dancing, singing and acting. This is going to help to equip children and women with different crafting skills and cultural dances that they can use in their day to day life to earn a living.

This came up as an idea since our tourists always wanted and asked the company to take them to some heritage centers around the country and it was hard to find the perfect center for them. This group will do cultural dances for our tourists and sell off their handmade craft to them. This money will be for their benefit and their families. The rest of the money will be intended to take children back to school.


  • To help the children develop their talents
  • To help women develop their talents while earning money
  • To build well equipped hospitals in rural areas
  • To build schools that is affordable to all groups of people

What is needed to make this heritage a success and to benefit all the children and women in it.

  • Cultural attires :These are clothes needed by children and women who will be with the group as it performs. These are going to be in different colors and fashions since each culture dresses differently during their dances
  • Craft material :These are materials needed by the children and women to learn and make their craft that will be showcased when they get visitors
  • Funds : This is money needed by lets go gorilla management to reach its goal of development and outreach of education to all the children and medical services to the people in those areas. This will be used to fund those developments

We will appreciate the support from clients and all those who a willing to make this project a success.