Queen Elizabeth national park was formerly known as kazinga channel national park and it was named queen Elizabeth national park to commemorate the queen’s visit in Uganda and mostly queen Elizabeth national park and she settled on hill with in heart of the park and the hill since then was named queen’s pavilion. Queen Elizabeth … Read more

Kampala City Tour

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda located in the central Uganda and Buganda region. Kampala is located 40km from Entebbe international airport and it can take 80 minutes from Entebbe using the old route and 60 minutes using express route to the city center Kampala was formed by Captain Fredrick lugard as the head … Read more


Uganda is a land locked country found in east African region bordering with Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sudan and DRC Congo. Uganda is full of tourists attractions starting from its futures and people with good hospitality will give nice and comfortable stay in Uganda, wildlife, birds, weather that is both dry and rain season, nature, mountains  … Read more

Mountain gorillas in Uganda

1 day Gorilla trekking

The mountain gorilla is one of the two sub species of the eastern gorilla. It is listed as endangered by the IUCN as of 2018. Mountains gorillas are found in bwindi are UNESCO natural world’s heritage site and one of the richest biological and botanical regions in the worlds. The forest covers an average area … Read more


Uganda is small country with different diverse cultures and tribes which around over 56 tribes with different ethnic groups like Bantu, hamites, Nilo hamites. Uganda tribes boast rich cultural to its people. Batwa pygmies are people that are found in the buhoma sector of bwindi forest, these are known to be the shortest people in … Read more

Lesser flamingos


Lesser flamingos a scientifically referred to as phoeniconaias minor. The lesser flamingos are among the unique bird species explored by birders on a safari to Uganda. Noted to be species of flamingos thriving in sub Saharan Africa and some parts of India, the lesser flamingos are the only species in the phoeniconaias genus. The lesser … Read more

One Day Jinja City Tour Experience


On our one day jinja city tour we made our first stopover to sezibwa falls in lugazi buikwe districts. The story behind sezibwa falls gives an enjoyable experience behind the Buganda culture while telling you the story about falls with authentic photo shots you take as you take tour falls with the residents guides will … Read more

jinja Nile Bridge Experience

jinja bridge experience

On our valentines trip to jinja we made our first stopover at jinja Nile Bridge that acts as the boundary between Buganda and busoga region and it largest and longest bridge in east Africa The style and the design of the bridge gives an authentic photo experience for the clients to have life time memories … Read more