Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park

Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park is located in the south western Uganda 530 kmsq from Kampala and hosts the endangered mountain gorillas. It is 331 kmsq and being home of mountain gorillas makes it favorable for most tourists to visit for the also boast of 400 plant species and lies 2 on the edge of the rift valley and protects 202 species of butterflies, 120 mammals, 346 bird species, 163 trees species and 27 species of frogs.


Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National ParkThe park is a world heritage site (UNESCO) and popular for mountain gorillas and chimpanzees which are listed as endangered animals in the IUCN data book. Following different trails in the park will lead the tourist to different attractions e.g. water falls, traditional life style of the people of kigezi.


Tracking the mountain gorillas is one of the activities of the park. Briefing at the starting points of tracking is always at 7:30 am and later the visitors walk through the dense forest in search of man’s shy closet relatives.
Mountain biking is also an activity around the park which is done through a maintained trial of Ivi river starting from the park office.

Walks are always arranged and can be done through different trails for example through water fall trails that leads to the rain forest passing beneath tree ferns visiting three water falls. Viewing the plains of the western rift valley to the west is done using Rushura hill trail.
Bird watches use the river Ivi trail following the old road through the beautiful forest near nkuringo on the southern edge of the forest.

Community walks are also conducted. Visit the batwa people in the communities and get to know about their life style for example their style of dressing, way of living and how they used to eat fruits for survival. The government of Uganda has restored the batwa by forming the batwa trial. Most batwa today live in communities which was not common.

Tourist also gets a chance to participate in the batwa dances and storytelling.
The park can be accessed through different routes, for example; from Kampala/ from Queen Elizabeth National Park through buhoma and tourists can visit any time of the year.