Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is located 1200kmsq eastern Rwanda. It was founded in 1934 purposely for the protection of animals and vegetation. It is strategically located in eastern region thus attracting both foreign and neighbouring visitors from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania as well as democratic republic of congo. Animals in akagera national park include rhinos and lions. It also offers the best game viewing trip to Rwanda so special and memorable. The park has contributed to the growth of Rwanda’s tourism industry in a way that its location and hospitality of the people of Rwanda has thus encouraged most visitors to travel to the country.

Activities in akagera national park include game viewing especially for lions, bird watching and cultural encounters. Through the Rwanda development board, tourism has been promoted around akagera national park through working together with the local people through conservation and management, revenue sharing programs, tourism development for the long- term sustainability of the park. Community engagement in akagera national park is through working with the locals, where by the community is allowed to harvest raw materials from the park to help in basket weaving, mat making and sold to the tourists who visit the region and are found in craft shops around the park in accommodation centers for example at karenge bush camp.

Visiting land of a 1000 hills is one of the things every traveler should put in to consideration while constructing an itinerary with the travel agents and tour operators. The park can be accessed by use of public road from Kigali to north of the country. Revenue Sharing program in the park benefits the local that is the money allocated is used to construct community hospitals, health centres and schools. Enjoy the panoramic views of the forest by visiting akagera national park, eastern Rwanda.